The new sound

Looking for a new sound is a very important thing.

Every time that I sit on my kit, or listen to music, I am all the time reflecting on sound quality and effectiveness. I am always digging ways to extract those right tones and textures. The ones that make your musical language sound right.

Also I am all the time getting inspired by listening to great bands here and there, or those great cats doing excepional things with their music.

So, as you can imagine, quite often I stop myself and start going mad and thinking…”Oh man, here it goes again…I want that!” And very soon, I start trying and experimenting new stuff.

Sometimes it may be just a matter of simply trying a bunch of diffrent drum sticks, heads, or even a few AdOns or accessories. Other times, I have to dig a bit deeper and experiment heavier weight stuff, like snares, kits, cymbals and so on.

This doesn’t mean that I am buying stuff all the time! It means that I am experimenting new things, by actually playing them, and listening to the real sound, and seeing how I feel.

The new thing

So, just a few years ago “THE first move” was, rushing into the nearest music store, having a nice talk with the people there, and experimenting every instrument you could, until the shop owner would come up and kick you out!

But Now, things changed. Now the thing is rushing into the web – “THE Online”. Please donĀ“t get me wrong! Nothing against all of that! The Online is part of our sharing of experiences! We are surrounded by this massive technology, why not use it?!

Back to the main idea – Now, in a few seconds, we are looking and listening to hundreds of written articles, videos, audio samples, technical reviews, expert opinions, unboxing, forums and so on…

What is my point?

If you still wonder, My point is – Where did it go, the act of physically experimenting all those great instruments, and seeing how they connect and make you feel, when you are playing them?

Why is this important?

How is the Instrument making you feel? Is this instrument inspiring you to play towards the direction you want?

Physically trying one instrument, and seeing how it connects with you, seeing for yourself the instrument playability, response, consistency, dynamics, tone, control, texture… is essential!

The bottom line

These aspects have to be the bottom line, right? If you have a sound in mind, a direction for your playing, or even, if you are just looking for a new inspirational motif, You have to try the instruments yourself.


The way I choose all my Instruments (past and present) is simple. Fisrt, I play them, second, I see how they influence me.

Talk to you soon! ns

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