For nearly thirty years, I have been playing small club gigs, touring, recording and directing many music events. I have published a number of drum books and original music work. I teach “OnGround” and “OnLine” drums at Musicland ejmam.

the music

My compositions come out through the ujb urban jazz band. The influences are too many. The music is a mix of jazz, funk, hip hop, rock and electronic. you can listen HERE

the band

The ujb urban jazz band was created in 1998.
Through its aesthetic conception, highly motivated and contextualized by the urban new trends, the band develops and presents original rhythmic and metric ideas, combined with textures and inspiring harmonies. On stage the band is composed by Trumpet, Keyboards, DJ, Live Samples and Drums.

the books

Book – The Wish One World, is the eighth track of the album, AD HERE – Urban Jazz Band. The book will study closely the development of the outstanding drum parts of this great track…. READ MORE

Book – Drum Tools vol. 1, is a MUST HAVE book, going from Beginer to Advanced level students. Students start their first page by actually playing a drum beat, Rock, Funk and Jazz orientated…. READ MORE

Book – Linear Mode – This book works the linear concepts through a musical and creative perspective.
Based on systems and combined exercises, this drum method brings a different view towards the developement of the hands and foot technique, independace, coordination, metric cycles and improvisation concepts…. READ MORE

the school

The Musicland Escola de Jazz e Música Actual de Mafra, is a important, challenging Music School.
Inseparable motivating, dynamic and young, this institution has been working on the social integration level, cultural development and training of hundreds of students in Music and Performing Arts since 1998.

thank you

Thank you to the following photo artists:

  • Brayden Law
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