Linear Mode

Book – Linear Mode – This book works the linear concepts through a musical and creative perspective.
Based on systems and combined exercises, this method brings a different view towards the developement of the hands and foot technique, independace, coordination, metric cycles and improvisation concepts.
During the reading of this book each student will find simple formulas and logical constructions.
Each exercise has an accessible starting point developing into a more elaborated applications.

Drum Tools

Drum Tools by Nelson Sobral

Book – Drum Tools vol. 1, is a MUST HAVE book, going from Beginer to Advanced level students.
This easy reading and innovative method focusses on the practical approach of the drumset.
Students start their first page by actually playing a drum beat, Rock, Funk and Jazz orientated.
The book is divided into four sections. Across more than 1’300 hihat/snare/bassdrum combinations, many drum fills and articulations around the kit, you will work and improve the drum essencials like Time keeping, Musical Articulation and many more.

The Wish – One World

The Wish One World by Nelson Sobral

Book – The Wish One World – Through this Extended Drum Chart, Limited Edition, you will have the inside look on the creation and development of those great drum parts, in 7/4, 13/8 and 15/8.

This book opens up into four sections. From simple and easy ideas, the material presents, explains and breaks down the patterns into time cells.
By walking through this material, you will develop the understanding and ability to play in a constant cange of Time Meter drum pattern, improve your Musical Articulation, Technique and Improvisation.